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So, you are firmly set out to start making good money, found a good recruiting company and now it is just one thing remaining: it is necessary to define the future profession. You need to understand in which sphere in your opinion you will achieve the greatest success, whether it’s trading, entertainment or hospitality sphere. If you have any doubts or difficulties with the final choice, our managers will help you.

The main jobs, which are the most in demand from our partners

There are cooks of different rank (chef, sous-chef, demi-chef) and staff (waiter, bartender, hostess, receptionist and housekeeping supervisor).

The Chef

Chef (chef de cuisine) – is the main figure of the culinary community. The candidate must have experience on a similar position, be creative, and be aware of the latest culinary trends. Age of the candidate for this position may depend on many factors.

The Sous-chef

Sous-chef is the assistant of chef, his junior partner. Sous-chief solves many ordinary matters if needed, he is the executive deputy of the chief. He is responsible for internal logistics and can even replace the chef if it is necessary.

The Demi Chef

Demi Chef (demi chef de partie)  is a private assistant of the chef. One of his duty is to slice ​​vegetables and meat, he can help confectioners to serve a dessert in the final stages, and even create a new menu items.

The Cook

Cook (commis chef) it is a position which is the first step to become a chef. Duties include preparation products for cooking and creating simple dishes under the guidance of demi-chef.

The Waiterработа в оаэ, работа для украинцев, jobs in uae, work in uae

The main duties of a waiter, as a rule, it is to take orders of visitors, receive from them the payment for services, clean tables after the end, prepare tables for the arrival of new customers.

The Hostess

Hostess is a main face of the establishment. This position usually occupied by girls. The basic requirement is a pleasant appearance, ability to gain people, age from 18 to 30 years. Knowing English or other languages ​​will be an advantage for this position.

The Bartender

The bartender is a person who works at bars and restaurants, which deals directly with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This person, at least – a girl, should be good looking, 19-30 years old, able to find easily the contact with customers. Knowledge of different languages ​​would be an advantage for candidates.

The receptionist

Often the first impression of guests about the hotel is developed from skills and abilities of receptionist. His/ her main responsibilities are to check-in / check-out guests, transport and storage the luggage, assistance in organization tours, assistance to other departments as needed.

The Housekeeping supervisor

Housekeeping supervisor. The main responsibilities are to monitor the work of cleaning staff, distribute responsibilities, check the work.

Job Animator in hoteljob in turkey kemer, work in turkey, работа в турции, работа в турции аниматором, работа для украинцев в турции

Animator in the hotel –  is  the most popular in the industry of the hotel business. Jobs at the hotel for the animator could  be seasonal, for example, in the summer months. Demand for animators is particularly high in the summer resorts, at the big hotels. Animators are constantly needed in hotels.

The full list of vacancies

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