Skype interview

Skype interview

Interview via Skype helps a lot especially, if we are talking about the hot-listed vacancies. In this case, employers prefer the online interview that is very progressive nowadays. Chances of success are exactly the same as in the classic face to facel interviews, the main thing is to meet the requirements and to do your best.


The main advantage is, of course, saving time and money. The interview can take place at any time and in any place convenient for you. The main thing is the Internet access. The absence of territorial boundaries also simplifies the interview with a foreign employer. In case of failure at a job interview, you have nothing to lose, in addition, acting on-line is easier to finish unpromising conversation. But it should be done by following the rules of business etiquette.


One of the drawbacks (in the previous section it is seen as an advantage) is a home furnishings. On the one hand it is convenient, on the other hand – it is very discouraged, it is difficult to organize yourself. Another disadvantage is a psychological unpreparedness to communicate at a distance. Well, most global disadvantage may be absence of the Internet at the most importaint moment.

Our advices will help you to prepare for the interview and pass it correctly.работа для украинцев, работа в оаэ, работа в дубаи, вакансии в оаэ

A few rules for the Skype-interview:

  • Appearance should be neat and appropriate interviewing (classic clothing)
  • If the call is interrupted, by telephone etiquette, the caller should call back.
  • Your face must be clearly visible (good lighting)
  • The atmosphere in the room must also be consistent: you should be the only person in the room, there should be no extraneous sounds (music, TV)
  • In general, Skype-interview is a little different from the usual interview. You just need to take care in advance about the technical side and take into account all of the above in this article.


Good luck at the interview!

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