Face by face interview

Face by face interview. This is a classic kind of interview. Usually, our interviews are held in conference rooms in hotels, but sometimes interviews are conducted in office of our company.find a job, jobs in dubai, jobs in uae, work uae, work dubai

If it is a mass recruitment process, it is carried out directly by representatives of the hotel, which provides recruitment.

Interview it is an significant stage for employment process with its own rules, it is important to remember the common mistakes:

If you are late

Being late for your first meeting with the employer it’s not good. Do your best and come in time, thus you will show yourself from the best side.

How to look at the interview

The interview with the employer assumes its dress code. No doubts it is a classic-style . Jeans, unusual hair, cleavage, sneakers and t-shirts with interesting prints should be left in your closet for an another occasion.

Questions  about the specialty

Forget the phrase “do not know” and alike, if employer asks you questions related to your specialty. Answer, even if it would be just thoughts out loud.


Interview it is not an interrogation. Try to relax, make contact with the interviewer and show your interest regarding future post.

Previous job

The reason of changing the workplace is a classic issue for employers. Be prepared for this, you should always have the answer.

Mobile phone during the interview

Your ringing phone during the interview is also a bad sign. Nothing should distract you from the conversation with the future employer.

Position and Company

Your clear understanding of the requirements of the position will serve you in good stead. You also need to know the information about the company and its operations.

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