Professional recruiting

Our company ILES GROUP is a leader in providing a wide range of services bringing together specialists from different areas of international consulting. Being well-proven on the market not for the first year, the company ILES GROUP provides high-quality business and legal services to private and corporate clients in the Middle East, the USA and Europe.

Having a well-coordinated team, we will help you to solve almost any question. Our team has high-level specialists, who were trained and has work experience in well-known foreign companies.

работа в оаэ, трудоустройство в оаэ, work in uae, work in dubai, hot vacanciesDue to our focus on result, we have collected the best experts in the field of international law, recruitment and education, as well as an international network of partners.

Your question would be managed by lawyers, recruiters, our auditors and other experts, in collaboration with foreign companies to help and provide a wide range of services to private and corporate clients in civil and immigration services in the Middle East, the USA and Europe.

Our staff is constantly enlarges with new experts. This is agreed upon the geography and extent of our international services.

A nice bonus would be the opportunity to get a contract with free of charge basis. This is a huge advantage as we are a company that has a long list of free vacancies. You have to admit, that it is very convenient and profitable.

Applying to our company ILES GROUP, our customers know that the quality of our services will be at the highest level. Making business with us is easy, so it`s also an advantage. We will be happy to cooperate with new partners, companies and employment agencies from around the world.

For employers

Iles Group is one of the few companies in Ukraine who offers professional recruiting according to international standarts.

We are organizing interviews with the candidates for our customers in a form of face-to-face interviews or skype conversations.

Also, we are conducting advertising campaigns and we are permanently monitoring the labor market as well as organizing trainings, and provision of full legal support.

Iles Group highly appreciates its reputation, candidates recruited by us are working in the biggest companies of the world.

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The advantages of working in the Gulf countries: questions and answers

1. Do UAE, Qatar, Bahrain employers need Ukrainian specialists?

Certainly.  For example, the ratio of locals and foreigners working on contract is very illustrative –  about 3 million, which is 75% of the total population of the UAE.

 2. After all, what human resources mostly needed in the Gulf?

work in uae, uae for ukrainians, work in dubai, работа в оаэ, вакансии в оаэ

It should be noted, that the Gulf countries are one of the largest areas of tourism, respectively, in the first place there will be in demand profession, that are included in this segment: service sector, recreation, trading and tourism.

3. Do UAE employers interested in our specialists?

We should distinguish between a number of professions, which have long been occupied for people from underdeveloped countries such as gardeners, laborers, construction workers. These applicants are very unpretentious in matters of salary and working conditions. A very different situation is in the segment of services, tourism and trade: here in the first place is “meet due to clothes”, appreciate a good level of education, skills and knowledge of languages ​​(especially English). All those positions are increasingly occupied by specialist with Slavic-appearance and knowledge of the Russian language. A significant reason for this is also a large number of Russian tourists. That`s why, so many of our fellow citizens can be seen as waiters, managers, receptionist, lifeguards, waiters, employees of the airport and many others.

4. Special wishes and demands of employers

There are no special requests. Requirements are like as everywhere: the applicant must be healthy, have a passport to enter the country, have experience in a similar position and keen of English at a sufficient level for the position.

5. How and where to find a job in United Arab Emirates?

Everyone chooses the most convenient and suitable option for himself. You can search for help from friends and acquaintances who already had experience of departure for work or just currently employed there. You can do it all by your own, but there is a possibility of making a mistake that will lead to undesirable consequences. The most reliable and rational is to find and hire the recruiting company (which is quite possible to find on the internet, but it is better to apply, of course, to well-known). There you will have the support at every stage: the help with finding a suitable vacancy, to fill in all the documents, to sign and fill in a labor contract in a right way and other things. Usually for their services such companies take a fee (about $ 400-500). That is concerned to be not much for a “ticket to the future.”

6. The top mistakes which job seekers do

work in turkey hotels, work in turkey, работа в оаэ, трудоустройство для украинцев, работа в дубаи, вакансии

In the first place, it is useful to explore all the features and the possible “pitfalls” of labor laws of the country. After all, the consequences can be far from the administrative. To work can only applicants who have labor card, which have a resident visa it’s a main feature. It is necessary to pay careful attention to vacancies and employers who claim that labor card is not needed. At the least, the big companies do not do that; otherwise, there could be undesirable consequences. Then, you need to carefully study the contract of employment, as each unaccounted trifle can cause the unnecessary problems. For example, in this case, an applicant cannot leave and is forced to continue to work, because he didn’t discuss in time the conditions of probation and break conditions of the contract at the expiration of this period.

7. Violations of labor legislation by employers in the United Arab Emirates: Myth or Reality?

As in any other sphere, in the sphere of labor relations violations may also be. Often encountered violations – is the refusal to grant compensatory time off, overtime failure, delay salaries, etc. In these cases, do not need to waste time and go straight to superiors, and if violations continue, it is possible to make a written complaint to the Department of Labor.

8. Early termination of the contract with the employer

The most common action of the employer in this case (for sure, prescribed in the contract)  is a penalty (equals one month’s salary), also known as a BAN (prohibition to work for six months in case of dismissal). It is not necessary to treat this too easy – there is a special mark in your passport that would not allow you to sign another contract of employment with the United Arab Emirates

Benefits for applicantswork in turkey hotels, work in turkey, work uae, work dubai, hot vacancies, работа в оаэ, вакансии для украинцев

  • Free visa in the Gulf;
  • Free airfare from your city (if there is an international airport) to the place of work in the UAE;
  • Free accommodation which usually consists of two/ three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 showers. By the beginning of the work shift you would have a free transportation to work;
  • Guaranteed free meals (buffet);
  • Full medical insurance (not included dentistry and ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery, and abortion);
  • A unique opportunity to get valuable experience in the hospitality industry;
  • Regular training courses;
  • Ability to pass training courses in other departments of the hotel to obtain international certificates and continuing education;
  • Career opportunities;work in turkey hotels, work in turkey, работа в оаэ, работа для украинцев, вакансии в оаэ, трудоустройство за границей
  • Salary contract + tips + bonuses. Please note that the employer pays for your taxes for 2 years in advance before the opening of the visa;
  • At the end of the contract you will receive an international certificate. With its help you could easily find a prestigious job in big companies (oil, retail…), in the United Arab Emirates and in other countries.

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