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1 What is the duration of the contract with the employer and how long is the trial period? Answer»
  • Contracts are the minimum for a year, but most often it is 2 years. The probation period is 6 months.
2 How long is usually takes to prepare all documents, if you already have a job offer? Answer»
  • It usually takes up to 6 weeks.
3 What are the stages of registration? Answer»
  • First you fill in the form, then go through an interview at the Iles Group office, then follows an interview with a representative of the hotel. After the successful completion of all of the preceding stages, you are going to get Offer letter and we begin the final stage of your registration.
4 From which city would be the departure? Answer»
  • From the nearest airport, where is available an international flight.
5 What if I have failed the job interview with a representative of the hotel? Answer»
  • Do not worry it\\\\\\\'s not a problem as it seems at first glance. You can re-pass the interview with another hotel.
6 Do I have to come to office in Kiev for the preliminary interview? Answer»
  • Preliminary interview can be held via Skype, but only in case you live in another city.
7 How would the interview with a representative of the hotel be held? Answer»
  • There are 2 ways: it can be the face to face interview when the employer comes to Kiev or interview via Skype (for example, in the case of hot-listed vacancies) from our office or like a conference.
8 How the interview with the representatives of the hotel goes when he arrives in Kiev and how long it lasts? Answer»
  • As a rule, the interview is conducted in a rented conference room or in our office. It should be noted that it is always a face by face interview. Than interview by itself with an each of the applicants. All this usually take all day.
9 When could I know the result of the interview? Answer»
  • Usually in a week or two you will know the results.
10 Frequently asked questions on inteviews Answer»
  • We have a list of frequently asked questions. It can also be downloaded from our website.
11 How can I get a visa and who pays for it? Answer»
  • We will provide a full list of documents which are requested by the representative of the hotel. Future employer will pay for your visa.
12 Can the visa be denied? Answer»
  • If you do not have a ban of entry to the country that you have chosen, then the failure is unlikely.
13 How much costs services of your company? Answer»
  • If this vacancy is free of charge, you just pay a sum of organizational expenses, which is up to 2000UAH, If it is not, you are going to pay the amount of 300-500 US dollars at the rate of NBU on the day of payment, and this sum must be paid when your candidacy would be accepted by the employer.
14 Will there be a contract with the Iles Group? Answer»
  • Yes, of course.

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